A lot of people are daunted with the question of what to wear during Summer. Summer Is the period of the year where heat is being experienced.

During summer,the types of clothes to put on becomes very challenging.One thing you should know for sure is that thick clothes arent gonna make you comfortable during this period of Summer as you tend to sweating a lot.

Today,I’m going to talk about what types of clothes we should wear and those we shouldn’t wear during Summer.

1)COTTON CLOTHES : Cotton is a very good absorber of sweat,they absorb sweat from our body and expose it to the atmosphere for evaporation as a result of which cooling takes place.

2)LINEN : This is one of the best summer fabric to complement your wardrobe.Aside being worn,it makes a perfect bedding during summer.

3)JERSY: One of the all time best Summer fabrics, its drapey and flexible.It is also a great choice for lightweight cover-ups.

4)CHAMBRAY : Chambray is technically a member of the Linen family. It has a slightly mottled texture. Rock your Chambray with your Denims.

Moving on to the “don’t wear” during Summer, at least three clothes have been outlined from the family of clothes and apparels.These are;

1)NYLON: Nylon,in addition to its inability to absorbing sweat,is a full synthetic material. It is designed to repel water therefore traps sweat against the skin .

2)POLYESTER: This is a non absorbing material that resist moisture. It is a travel-friendly material.

3)FLEECE: Being derived from the family of polyester, although it is a material made to keep the body warm,it is still seen as unsuitable for wearing during Summer periods as it tends to trap heat.

With this,we’ve arrived at the end of today’s talk.Welcome to the period of Summer.With this few outlines I hope you have a splendid Summer.